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Entry #1


2013-05-08 15:12:28 by br00d1e

How hard is it to get noticed, a smidgen?


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2013-05-09 08:46:35

Hmm.. was going to say it's easier to get noticed a ____, but what's the antonym of smidgen?

br00d1e responds:

Smidgen is like another word for tiny :)


2013-05-09 11:31:18

I know that much! There doesn't seem to be an opposite for 'smidgen' though. :)

br00d1e responds:

Ohh, I misread your comment my bad! erm... I think gargantuan?


2013-05-09 11:44:40

Hmm, but you can't say: How hard is it to get noticed a gargantuan? :/

br00d1e responds:

True... Perhaps "How hard is it to get noticed plentifully" ?


2013-05-09 16:57:27

Hehe, nice, that might be as close as it gets.

br00d1e responds:

I think it might be! aha